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RDF23 Exhibitor

Kaleidoscope Consultants

Kaleidoscope Consultants are widely respected specialists in EU/UK data protection laws and clinical safety. We provide a range of outsourced services, including Data Protection Officer, Clinical Safety Officer and Caldicott Guardian. Much of our day-to-day work is undertaking Data Protection Impact Assessments and advising on large-scale data processing. We have associated companies that provide EU and UK representative services.

We are finding increasing demand from acute Trusts to provide outsourced IG services to support R&D, where internal IG teams are stretched and non-specialist, and a rapid turnaround is needed, or the arrangements are particularly complex. We can provide a Helpdesk type approach, and ensure integration and clear communication with the host IG Team.

We have also had very positive feedback from our training sessions for researchers and R&D Teams, returning to many Trusts 2-3 times a tear to run sessions.

Finally, the data protection and clinical safety team work together on DTAC/DCB0129/0160 compliance where Health Information Technologies are being developed and deployed.