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RDF23 Exhibitor

The Physiological Society

As the largest network of physiologists in Europe, with academic journals of global reach, we continue our 140-year tradition of being at the forefront of the life sciences. We bring together scientists from over 60 countries, and our members have included numerous Nobel Prize winners from Ivan Pavlov to John O’Keefe.

The Physiological Society brings together over 4000 scientists from over 60 countries. Since its foundation in 1876, its members have made significant contributions to our knowledge of biological systems and the treatment of disease. We promote physiology and support those working in the field by organising world-class scientific meetings, offering grants for research, collaboration and international travel, and by publishing the latest developments in our leading scientific journals, The Journal of Physiology, Experimental Physiology and Physiological Reports.

The Society also runs events for the general public on how physiology relates to everyday life, and for students who may be considering physiology as a career. We seek to create and sustain an environment in which the physiological sciences can thrive by raising the profile of physiology and advocating for the interests of our Members. Our work aims to identify and act upon issues that are of importance to our Members and to physiology as a discipline. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders, both within and outside of Government. We connect with policymakers to promote physiology within science as well as the sensible development of research and education policy.

Membership is available for all career stages, from undergraduate level to senior level scientists and clinical academics.