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Delegate Choice Award

WINNER: The Impact of Creating a “Culture of Well-being” on Research Delivery Staff (Poster 38)

RUNNER UP: Creating a Digital Dashboard to Facilitate R&D Project Setup (Poster 1)

RUNNER UP: The benefits of a centralised data management team in clinical research (Poster 54)

Sponsor Choice Award

WINNER: Clinical Research Education; More than GCP and reading a Protocol (Poster 25)

RUNNER UP: eSource reuse and system interoperability; prepopulating clinic trial databases through secure real time access to site EHRs (Poster 24)

RUNNER UP: 7 Habits of Highly Transparent Trialists (Poster 72)


OVERALL Best Poster

WINNER: The Be(e) Curious Campaign (Poster 6)

RUNNER UP: SOLID Study – collaborative approach between primary and secondary care (Poster 39)

RUNNER UP: Empowering the nurses of the future to deliver research (Poster 56)

Best Abstract

WINNER: Research Ready Communities: An innovative approach to inclusion in research

RUNNER UP: UK Site Agreements – Safer, Faster, Better

RUNNER UP: Supporting health & care research in settings that are outside the remit of the HRA