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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

A non-profit company called RDF Professional Development Ltd administers the Forum as a legal body however as a community of practice many members and partners of the Forum engage its work. Some other organisations help to deliver services to the Forum  as a professional network.

During Forum activities personal data is processed, managed and stored. Where personal information is processed by Health Research & Development ltd or any of its contracted partners, the information is held securely on our systems.

To find out more about how the NHS R&D Forum complies with the General Data protection Regulation (2018) please download and read our NHS R&D Forum Click here for Privacy Policy  

This privacy policy explains 

  • About the NHS R&D Forum and the organisations that act on its behalf
  • About the personal information you may share with the NHS R&D Forum and how it is used.
  • About the lawful basis for processing data
  • About how we keep your data
  • About your rights  
  • How to get in contact about your data