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Influence & Representation

Contribute as part of the NHS R&D Forum

Influence & representation

A large part of our work involves listening and representing the R&D community at meetings, events and roundtables. Insights and intelligence from our members enable representatives to feed into Forum active projects as well as key stakeholder work streams, Government and UK policy. 

Feed in below to the current conversations and work-streams.

Forum contributes to new National Group during COVID 19

Just before Christmas the NIHR Restart Advisory Board, (includes many funders, ABPI, NIHR, DHSC, NHS R&D Forum and UKRD) was stood down. It is to be replaced with the Clinical Research Recovery, Resilience and Growth (RRG) group with the first meeting of the advisory board being held at the end of this month.

This is a positive step, as the group will include NHSE, NHSX and others who can influence issues around recovery of services, which is essential for research activity to recover. The group also will be addressing future resilience, as well as focusing on restart, and looking at what we’ve learned over the past year that can smooth the way for clinical research.

Once again representation from the NHS R&D Forum and UKRD will attend and reporting back.

If you have anything to raise around RRG please leave your comments here and we will take them forward. Our groups provide regular content and COVID Coffee chats a weekly sense check from the ground.


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General feedback

Share your thoughts on anything you feel should be worked on or escalated to policy makers, regulators and stakeholders

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Forum collates experience of CQC inspection and research

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Forum contributes to ETC feedback

This is a multi stakeholder monthly feedback meeting to oversee the impact of the management of ETCs for research

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Forum contributes to the National Restart Advisory Meeting

This is a multi-stakeholder meeting to oversee the national recovering of research during COVID-19

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