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Active Projects

Working together to advance our practice and to shape
the health and care environment for research.

R&D Forum active projects (updated November 2020)

There are many projects, initiatives and areas of interest currently being led or influenced by Forum groups and representatives. In addition, we also participate in numbers of meetings and consultations, where the collective voice of the R&D community should be reflected.

If you are interested in any of the projects or want to know more, please get in touch. You can feed into the live conversations and work streams here.

  • Establishing a coordinated approach to improving the uptake of clinical research in healthcare culture through cross-organisational oversight and collaboration.
  • Embedding research through strategy, leadership & culture: Sharing good practice
  • Exploring our role in improving research culture
  • Reducing research bureaucracy
  • Respond to the COVID19 Crisis & support for the community 
  • Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on Organisational research finances
  • The role of RCF and identifying the best strategic funding system for primary care research following CCG mergers
  • Shared learning from CQC well-led inspection,
  • Supporting the development of NHSE/I metrics for NHS research
  • Exploring the QI/Research interface and the definition of research
  • Developing funds for PPI at organisational level
  • Contribute to the future shape of the NIHR CRN 
  • Respond and prepare for BREXIT and support the community 
  • Publishing our Forum “strategy watch”
  • Exploring the role and nature of research across systems (STPS and Integrated Care Systems
Promoting the value of research to system leaders.
  • Call for funds for PPI at organisational & system level. Continue to raise embedding PPI (for research) at organisational level.
  • Support the community to develop systems for PPI co-applicancy.
  • Review and share the challenges of IT infrastructure for research and data sharing in the current landscape.
  • Reducing the burden of Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements for early study set up in commercial contract research
  • Developing Sponsor standards and Sponsors assessment
  • Aiding good costing by Sponsors and to support identification of costs at site.
  • Reviewing how to recover all Sponsors costs from all channels
  • Addressing the practical (legal and ethical) implications of PPI co-applicancy, in particular contractual status.
  • Exploring our data needs: data Integrity, data sharing and data access, data driven technologies and IP, including the IT challenges in Primary Care
  • Reviewing current contracts practice and needs.
  • Exploring the role and nature of research across systems (STPS and Integrated Care Systems)
  • Enabling good research transparency practice
  • Supporting the development of new regulatory guidance (deviations, e-consent, remote monitoring, outsourcing of site activities)
  • Reviewing SoECAT and AcORD support and training provision
  • Development of a core skills framework for those working in an R&D Function
  • Development of a professional development framework and learning programme for research management, support and leadership roles
  • Adding value in research at an organisational level: sharing good practice
  • Building evidence capacity and capability within commissioning
  • Exploring evidence repositories for the UK
  • Exploring the role of PPI in Knowledge Transfer
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