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Wider Health and Care and Community Working Group

This group is for those involved in NIHR portfolio research outside of NHS settings e.g. Public Health, Social Care, Care Homes, and Hospices.

This is a growing area of activity, and the purpose of the group is to provide peer support, share best practice and solutions, and to form a united voice to advocate where helpful adjustments could be implemented by our partners (e.g. DH&SC, NIHR, HRA, PHE).

The Wider Health and Care and Community Working Group is chaired by Paul Roy, Research Manager at NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB.

The ICB Research Team provides research management and governance support for research outside of Hospital, with well-established support in primary care & public health, and expanding into new areas of social care, hospices and care homes.

If you would like to join the group and learn with us, please get in touch with

Group Chair:

Paul Roy

Paul is the Research Manager for the NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB, leading the CCG’s Research Team since 2020. The BNSSG Research Team has several joint roles across organisations, including the ICB and the Universities of Bristol and UWE to create a coherent support for research outside of hospital. The BNSSG Research Team offer support for all health and care research outside of hospital. This includes primary care, community care, and public health, and since the early 2020’s formalising support across Local Authorities, including care homes, hospices and social care services.

Paul has worked in the NHS since 2008, beginning in a role supporting primary care finances and soon moving into a role within the Primary Care Research Network (now Division 5 of the Clinical Research Network). Various other roles have included joint roles between academia and the NHS, and Research Manager in the University of Bristol’s Clinical Trials Unit.

Group Members:

TBA – Group membership is under review and this page will be updated when this is confirmed.

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