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Working together to advance our practice and to shape
the health and care environment for research.

NHS R&D Forum Groups

Non-Commercial Sponsors Group

This group focuses on Sponsorship and brings together experienced NHS and HEI representatives from non-commercial Sponsor teams. The purpose is to drive non-commercial Sponsorship practice forward.

The group develops an annual symposium, supports resources in the resources exchange and monitors hot topics for the community; feeding into training, conference and the HRA non-commercial Sponsors groups. The group generally meets by teleconference.

The HRA are happy for people to join the Non-commercial sponsors reference group please contact for more information

Group Chair:

Group Members:

Jessica Bisset
Research Operations Manager
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Benita Hallewell-Goodwin
R&D Coordinator
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Jen Harrison
HRA Approval Change Manager
Health Research Authority

Gemma Jones
Head of Clinical Trial Operations
Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit. University College London

Dr Mikayala King
Quality Assurance Manager
University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Heidi Nield
Clinical Trial Operations Director
EpiGen Consortium, University of Southampton

Heather Rogers
RD&I Governance Manager
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sean Scott
Regulatory Compliance Manager
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Townsend
Research and Development Manager
Velindre Cancer Centre, Velindre NHS Trust

Birgit Whitman
Head of Research Governance and Integrity
University of Birmingham

Angela Williams
Head of Research & Development

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  • Lead new work related to the themes, in their specific areas of interest.
  • Create resources where there are gaps
  • Influence partners & invited stakeholders. Discuss their work, ask for opinions and shape policy.
  • Share expertise and gather intelligence from and for the community
  • Horizon scan for what is of interest to the community. Horizon scanning and conducting community surveys
  • Develop consultation responses
  • Act as a point of reference & contact for the members with questions or peer review
  • Feed into general Forum training, conference and events programmes.
  • Champion the NHS R&D Forum and our community.
  • Speak for and represent the research management, support and leadership community.
  • Drive the Forum forward and provide leadership
  • Strategically, proposing Forum content, providing leadership and ensuring oversight of outputs
  • As a point of contact, providing peer support to colleagues
  • As a Task and finish, producing outputs and resources
  • As a space to work out loud, sharing experience and connecting with colleagues.
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Groups & Active Projects
Groups & Current Work

Groups & Active Projects

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Groups & Current Work

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