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Upcoming changes to the method of calculating recruitment to time and target for open studies and sites

Date: 26 January 2021

One of the key aims of CRN reporting on recruitment to time and target is to facilitate conversations around studies, which are not progressing as expected. The earlier such studies are identified the larger the change of interventions to support study delivery resulting in the study recruiting to time and target.

To better enable this the CRN has implemented a change to the recruitment to time and target calculations, see details below.
If you have any questions regarding the new calculation, please contact your LCRN Business Intelligence team in the first instance.

The new calculation methodology is:

% Recruitment to Target / % Time Elapsed* – 1 **

Replacing the old calculation methodology :

% Recruitment to Target – % Time Elapsed


A study has recruited 25% of its target, with 50% of its time elapsed.

Old methodology:

% Open Recruitment to Time and Target(25% – 50%) = – 25% ( Amber)

New methodology:

% Open Recruitment to Time and Target (25% / 50%   – 1) = -50% *Red)




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