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Creating time for research in the NHS: CRUK publish a new report Feb 2021

Date: 25 February 2021

Cancer Research UK has published a brand new report on how best to identify and improve the capacity of healthcare staff to conduct research.
The report calls for a policy response across all 4 nations to support pathways for research in an NHS setting and to support R&D offices to successfully implement research strategies locally. 
The following high level recommendations made in the report:
1) Better support staff and research infrastructure 
2) Target disparities in research activity and capacity 
3) Develop pathways for getting into and progressing in research 
4) Strenghen National and Local Organisational research culture 
The NHS R&D Forum strategy & leadership working group is aligned closely with partners across the sector to support embedding research in care via our new multi-stakeholder CARE group. We are keen to hear any responses or reflections on the findings of this report. 

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