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Non-Commercial Sponsors Symposia Output

Date: 28 November 2018

Slide Set from the Non-Commercial Sponsors Symposium – November 8th 2018.

Good & compliant Sponsorship – #noncomsponsors

95 Sponsors gathered from across the NHS and HEI sectors for this inaugural event bringing the non-commercial Sponsorship community together. Policy makers, CTU and funding partners, regulators, patients and researchers joined for exploration and sharing about what a good Sponsor looks like including some of the hot topics coming up right now

The full slide set and mind maps are shown below:

Presentation Slides

Mind Doodle Blog

Mind Doodle Output (click on images for full size output)

Non-Commercial Sponsors Symposium Mind Doodle 2

Non-Commercial Sponsors Symposium Mind Doodle 3

Please note the mind maps were created to capture thinking on the day and will be worked on further by work stream members. If you have comments to make feed them into

A diverse community

The non-commercial Sponsors community is diverse. Experience and expertise varies and can depend on type of organisation, balance of research portfolio and organisational maturity in terms of research development capacity and capability. Some work closely together as Joint offices or with CTU partners and others have developed more capability ‘in house’.

This diversity makes for energetic exchange at events like this but has perhaps also meant that training and development opportunities to suit all have been harder to come by.  As Professionals working in an ever-changing environment we must therefore build understanding as we go and lead the way ourselves.

Leading the way as a community of practice

Learning from peers is powerful and, if open and diverse, arguably better than many other means. The non-commercial Sponsors community has a wealth of expertise and in joining together at least once a year we hope this will continue to build.

University and other non-commercial Sponsors can now upload their details onto the Forum R&D Contacts Directory, in the hope that we can create visibility of all working in and for health research. This will not only support research teams to make contact directly with Sponsors but also support Sponsor representatives making connections with each other. Please promote this facility provided for all.

The NHS R&D Forum non-Commercial Sponsors work stream will work in close partnership with the HRA non-commercial Sponsors reference group to continue to take work forward.

If you have views on what our priorities should be or you want to take part, please let us know via

In the first instance we shall be working up the initial mind maps we collated on the day, to publish something more streamlined for all.

Knowledge exchange

As a community, the sharing of resources can be supported via submitting to our exchange where there are over 500 tools, templates, SOPS and links, with 45 under keyword search “Sponsor” – alone.

New resources have been uploaded since the symposium on request for tools supporting vendor pre-selection and risk assessment.

Resource Exchange can be accessed here



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