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Re-launch of all NIHR PPI Resources & Forum Guide

Date: 26 April 2021

All NIHR PPI resources have been re-launched, including the co-applicancy guidance developed in partnership with the NHS R&D Forum service user and carers working group.

The NIHR PPI  resources have now been relaunched

All the updated resources can be found on Learning for Involvement. In addition, some of the more ‘introductory’ resources have been embedded into the audience sections of the main NIHR website. For example, you can find information for researchers here, and for patients and the public here. The launch of the updated resources across both platforms is summarised in a showcase page on the NIHR website, which the NIHR will be be promoting over the next few weeks

The NHS R&D Forum services users and carers working group developed a key piece of guidance on Public co-applicants in research with NIHR Involve alongside additional guidance for R&D management teams here

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