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Course: Getting the most out of IRAS
Date: 17 April 2024 (1/2 Day PM)
Location: Virtual Classroom
Price: £75 plus VAT

Duration: 1/2 Day (1pm start)
Course Description:

Being able to provide a full, complete and accurate IRAS submission should help to make your approval process run much more smoothly, but many people struggle with some aspects of IRAS. This half day course is designed to supplement the existing IRAS and HRA guidance by working through the standard and combined review IRAS systems as well as the amendments section in a live environment.  We will concentrate on those questions and functions that many applicants struggle with, such as:

How to complete the project filter?
What is the most effective way to navigate the system?
How do I transfer the project to other collaborators?
The course will give you the opportunity to ask questions about both the system and the submission process and understand the best way to ensure your application fully reflects the detail of your research.

Course Structure

The course will work through the different parts of the IRAS system:

  • Standard IRAS
  • IRAS for Amendments
  • Combined Review IRAS

We will look at how each one is used and how to complete and submit an application. We will concentrate on those parts of the system that most often cause issues for applicants.

The course ends with a short quiz to help consolidate your learning.

Who is the Course for?

Anyone who has to create and submit an IRAS application and those who support applicants. The course is relevant to NHS, academic and industry researchers.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course participants should:

1. Understand the function of the three separate versions of IRAS
2. Understand what information is required in an application and how best to provide it
3. Be familiar with the submission process for different bodies

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Getting the most out of IRAS

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