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“Is it really a First in Human trial? Categorising and assessing the risks correctly”
Type: Blog
Author: MHRA
Keywords: MHRA, regulatory approvals, CTA, Clinical Trials, Clinical Trial Applications, Unblinding, IMP, GCP, SAEs, Safety reference information,
Link Reference: 723
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“Patients and the public are essential to reducing research waste”
Type: Blog
Author: Virginia Minogue and Bill Wells
Keywords: avir, adding value, embedding research, growing research, relevant research, patient and public involvement, PPI, research waste
Link Reference: 777
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#whywedoresearch campaign
Type: Website resources
Author: Why we do research team
Keywords: Campaign, Awareness, Promoting, Embedding, Engagement, Communications, Twitter, Social Media
Additional Detail: Raising research awareness & opportunities for patients public and staff
Link Reference: 208
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10 evidence based ways the GP clinical evidence fellows are making an impact
Type: Blog
Author: Ceilidh Jackson – Baker. West of England AHSN
Keywords: Evidence, GPs, Primary Care, Evidence Fellows, Impact, Clinical Fellows
Link Reference: 583
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