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10 evidence based ways the GP clinical evidence fellows are making an impact
Type: Blog
Author: Ceilidh Jackson – Baker. West of England AHSN
Keywords: Evidence, GPs, Primary Care, Evidence Fellows, Impact, Clinical Fellows
Link Reference: 583
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10 tips for writing a lay summary
Type: Blog
Author: The Academy of Medical Sciences
Keywords: lay summary, research ethics, ethical research, protocol, grant writing, summaries, PPI, patient and public involvement, transparency
Link Reference: 2836
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100 reasons not to do research: changing cultures?
Type: Slide set
Author: Solent NHS Trust
Keywords: Culture, Improvement, Impact, Embedding, Leading
Link Reference: 213
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5 year Forward View 2014
Type: Policy
Author: NHS England
Keywords: Strategy, Policy, NHS, NHS England, Landscape, New Models of Care
Link Reference: 243
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